Why Leave Your Pets Alone At Home?

Australia has been consistently on the list of the most pet lovers in the world. Roy Morgan Research has revealed that about 50% of Australian households have dogs and/or cats as pets. People obviously share the mutual love and care for our furry, four-legged friends.

It’s undeniable that pets bring joy and affection to our lives. Pets are great companions and can even bring comfort the way friends do. After a long, tiring day at work, pets are great stress-relievers, too. There’s so much happiness pets bring us; but what do we do for our pets in return?

Of course, no matter how much we love our pets, there are some times that we have to be away from them—whether going on business trips, family vacations where pets aren’t allowed, etc. Sure, you can just leave them with food and water, but would that be enough? Aside from basic needs such as food, water and shelter, domestic pets like cats and dogs, need human interaction, too.

Yes, cats and dogs get lonely when left alone at home; some even get depressed. It’s important that you have someone look after them if you’ll be gone for long hours or several days. They also have to be let out—dog walking is essential for dogs to get some exercise. With someone dependable taking care of them while you’re away, you can have peace that your beloved pet is in good hands and safe.

Having someone to watch over your pets isn’t only beneficial for them, but for you as well. You don’t have to worry going home to see some books, pillows, rugs, or anything else eaten or destroyed by your distraught pet.

Pet sitting has been a continually growing part of the Pet Industry in Australia. Pet sitters can be found basically anywhere throughout the country.

Got Your Paw Pet Sitting offers cat sitting, dog sitting and dog walking services. Our cat and dog sitting Brisbane business goes beyond just taking care of your pets. We personally love pets too, that’s why taking good care of pets is something that we do naturally—more than just business. Our reliable, trustworthy pet sitters are professionals who’ve had years of hands-on experience dealing with cats and dogs of every breed.

Your pet’s safety is our priority. On top of that, we also offer high-quality cat and dog accessories such as cat and dog collars, ID tags, leash as well as harnesses.

So why leave your pets at home alone and lonely when you can have a certified pet sitter who can watch over their well being? Don’t you want someone to be with your pet while you’re gone, someone who will treat and care for your pet the way you will? Of course you do.

Pets, just like children, require utmost care and attention. We, pet owners, love our pets dearly that we should never put our pets at risk.